At koya university department of kindergarten , I am teaching four courses namely;
1.General Psychology (GPS8602)
Special Education (SED8628)
3. Child's Cognitive Development (CCD8608)
4. Guidance and Counseling Children ( GCC86218621)

Stage: first  
Classroom: 5 (Hall no.)
No. of Students: 37

Stage: fourth  
Classroom: 6-5 (Hall no.)
No. of Students: 98

Stage: third
Classroom: 4
(Hall no.)
No. of Students: 41

Stage: second
Classroom: 3(Hall no.)
No. of Students: 40
My P
hiosophy in Teaching

This conception of my gaze to the teaching and learning and curriculum, which systematically explained in the planning, design and preparation of the curriculum, and he explained the strategies to provide courses, and show the students how to evaluate and nutrition irreversibly, in addition to other things.

A planning and design and setup of the curriculum:

   Represent my view of education as a Semitic message, and mission of an upscale, education, education, good twins should not live apart, not how these two posts of the prophets and messengers peace be upon them, the two best runs its rights, and where he is serving his time, age, and effort, because education enlightened minds, and be promoted on the ladder of human progress, human Falloff great degrees above the level of other organisms that share life on this earth, if A stead forms of science and science to be here useful science General people also varied among themselves, in their levels, according to verify them the acquisition of science.

   Therefore I see it, which must be given by a combination of education, so we achieved what we hope the good fruits, is to create a good generation integrated personal decency producing constructive actors.


(A) highlight what I need to focus on the student bind the book, which is the original source of knowledge, and urged him to buy them, and deal with it, and the rejection of photographers (LT notes) because of the loss of science and money.


As well as the need to deal with the modern means of learning and education, both teacher and student, especially electronic ones, because of the elements facilitate the teaching and learning process in an active and influential.

(B) teaching method:

   And that my way of teaching will be on the following:

1 - active participation by students.

2. Provide Boutrip understandable scientific knowledge, and clear meaning for the student, and as approved by the previous experience, the nature of science, and its structure, and goals of teaching the scientific material.

3. Organization of knowledge provided a coherent and consistent manner, so as to allow the learner to understand each step, and applied, and conversions, and basic skills.

4.Adoption of relapsing proper nutrition, to make changes, or modifications in university teaching, including agrees educated conditions and their cases and their attitudes and interests.

5. The method of teaching to be used flexible and adjustable in the light of the developments that occur in the classroom.