At the FEDU, Department of English, I am teaching three subjects namely; 

1. Academic Debate (1st year) 

2. Phonology (2nd year)

3. Morphology (3rd year)

Course code
Academic debate:     ACD6500
Stage: First year
Classroom:  Hall no. 10
No. of Students: 42
Group: 1 group
Credit: 4

Course Code
Phonology:     PHO8707
 Stage:   Second year
Classroom: 10
No. of Students:  33
Group: 1
Credit: 4

Course Code
Morphology:     MOR8721
 Stage:   Third year
Classroom: Lab 1
No. of Students:  55
Group: 2
Credit: 4
My P
hilosophy of Teaching

My teaching philosophy is based on my goal to effectively teach all my students, and instill confidence, love and enthusiasm into them. Further, I understand each person is unique and may learn in different ways. Motivation, student engagement, students’ interest, authenticity, and the classroom environment are also important to me. Moreover, I fall in love with the subject I am teaching before motivating my students to like it. Finally, I believe that I need to keep myself up-to-date with knowledge and methods of teaching.