Academic Profile

       Hawkar Akram Awla
        Lecturer of Applied Linguistics with TESOL
       Koya - Kurdistan - Iraq
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       ORCID ID:0000-0002-3062-6069

Outline Biography
Hawkar was born in Koya in 1987. He is currently a lecturer of Applied Linguistics with TESOL in the Department of English, where he has joined the work since 2013. He gained a BA degree in English translation studies at the University of Koya in 2010, with the standard very good(82.09%) and rank 1st out of graduate students and 3rd at the faculty level. Later, in 2011 he got a scholarship from KRG ( HCDP program) to complete his MA in the UK. After that in 2012, he got his MA with the standard merit at the University of Sheffield/ Sheffield/ UK.

Research Interests
I am interested in studying :
1-Applied Linguistics
3. Second language learning and research
4. Learning strategies
5- Vocabulary learning strategies
6 Second language acquisition
7-Teaching English for specific purposes (ESP)
8-Theory and practice of language teaching
9-Intercultural communication
10-English Grammar

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