Research & Supervision

Graduation Projects 

2014- 2015
  1. EOR by WAG injection in heterogeneous reservoirs.
  2. Heavy oil recovery by polymer flood application.
2015- 2016
  1. Pressure Transient Analysis to Investigate reservoir characteristics and parameters quantitatively using PanSystem.
  2. The Effect of Porosity and Permeability on oil recovery.
2016- 2017
  1. Modeling of CO2 injection to improve hydrocarbon recovery.
  2. Effect of heterogeneity of layered reservoirs on polymer flooding.
2017- 2018
  1. Modeling of Single Phase Flow in 2D Using Matlab.
  2. Surfactant Flooding Application in Mixed Wet Reservoirs.
  3. Fluid Flow in Gas Condensate Wells
2018- 2019
  1. The effect of water flooding and surfactant injection in carbonate reservoirs.
  2. Challenges of water coning in carbonate reservoirs.