Academic Profile


PH.D in Sunnah and al-hadeeth Sicinces at Usool Al-Deen college.
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Koya - Kurdistan - Iraq

Personal Information:

Name: Hashim Ismail Ibrahim

Date of Birth: 1970

Marital Status: Married

Address: Erbil – Hassarok Q. Square 500



 Scientific Qualifications:

 v  Bachelor at College of Al-Shareea – Dahuk University/Iraq.1995.

v  Master at Al-Sunnah Department and its Sciences at Usool Aldeen at Imam Muhammed Bn Saood Islamic University in Saudia.2007.

v  Ph.D in Al-Sunnah and Al-Hadeeth Sicinces at Usool Al-Deen College – Islamic University of Um Al-Darman in Sudan. Title of PH.D Thesis: the Infallibility of the Blood, Objective Study.2010

 Scientific Research:

 v  Status of Ahmed Bn Salih Al-Mesree by Al-Muhadetheen. Evaluated at Um Al-Darman Islamic University (It will be published soon). In Master.

v  Al-Imam Al-Khatabi and his approach in his book Sunan Features. Evaluated at International Africa University in Sudan (it will be published soon).in Ph.D.

My research interests focus on

v  1-IMAM AL-KHATABI and Curriculum in MAALIM ALSUNAH.

v  2-The problem of the AL-HADEETH its divisions, its causes and methods scientistsremoved .

v  3-The Opinions of Ibn Hazm AL-THAHERI treat some talking Investigation.

 Functions and Scientific Expertise:

 v  Participated in the manuscript of a book editor Ibn Abd Alhadi with Dr. Abdullah Wakeel Al-Sheikh Associate Professor at Malik Saood Islamic University – Riadh –Saudi Arabia Kingdom.

v  Participated in number of legitimacy, scientific, administrative and intellectual courses as a student and as a teacher.

v  Participated in the Islamic Bank for Development project as a legitimacy observer for two years.

 Training Courses and Administrative Skills:


v  Capacity and Skills development course for Preachers.

v  Life leadership towards success and objectives achievements/Dr. Mureed Al-Kulabi.

v  Crisis Management.

v  Administration and Planning.

v  International Law and Human Rights provided by Saudi Red Crescent.