At the Faculty of Science and Health, Department Clinical Psychology, I am teaching three courses namely;
1. Cognitive Psychology (CPS6412)
2. Psychological 
Assessment  (PAS6417)
3. Research Methods (REM6404)

At the Faculty of Education , Department of kindergarten , I am teaching a course namely Cognitive Development of Children (باحچەى ساوایان)


Course code (REM6404)
Stage: 1
Classroom: 4
No. of Students: 34

Course code 
Stage: 2
Classroom: 4
No. of Students: 40

Course code (PAS6417)
Stage: 3
Classroom: 3
No. of Students: 28

My P
hiosophy in Teaching

  • University teachers and professors must be able and willing to present a different explanation of the topic matter.
  • Professors should enter each class conversation and discussion with a view to not only critically reviewing a body of information, but also presenting their own understanding of the subjects being talked about.
  • University students should be encouraged effectively to participate and take a part in the in the lecture