welcome to my Academic Profile page. My name is Harem Nareeman Mahmood, with a Master degree in Psychology at UK. Currently, as Assistant Lecturer I am  teaching in the Dep. of Clinical PsychologyFaculty of Science and Health at Koya University in Kurdistan Region, F.R. Iraq

Publications:  Books + Journal Articles + Conf. papers
h-index:  None yet
e-mail: harem.nareeman@koyauniversity.org
Mobile: (+964) - 750 5702239
I teach several topics at my faculty, i.e.
1. Cognitive Psychology 
2. Psychological Assessment 
3.Research Methods 
4-Cognitive development of children.

My research interests focus on;
1. Cognitive processes such as False memories, forgetting and improving memory .
2. Depression, Anxiety and Stress and their effect on human healthiness.
3- Clinical implication of Human Memory  
4- PTSD and memory 

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