I am teaching three courses namely;
1. Engineering Drawing & Descriptive Geometry (KOU20213) 
2. Building Construction (KOU20226)
3. Geotechnical Drawing (KOU20565)

KOU20213Eng. Drawing & Desc. Geo.
Stage: First
Classroom: F1DH5
No. of Students: 21

KOU20226Building Construction
Stage: Second
No. of Students:16 

KOU20565Geotechnical Drawing
Stage: Fourth
Classroom: F2L6
No. of Students: 22
My P
hiosophy in Teaching
Teaching is not a routine process that produce people who are only able to replicate things without the skill of innovations and inventions. One of the most important thing in teaching is finding the way which facilitates the way of learning and gaining information with desire instead of forcing to learn. My philosophy in teaching is combining theoretical process with the practical and application of that theory in reality to encourage student's linking to the science and avoid getting bored in classroom. I design my courses based on this philosophy, in addition, I encourage students to get involved with the textbooks and application software in variety of civil engineering fields.