Academic Profile

Halo Dalshad OMAR (H. D Omar)
Lecturer of Science Physics
University of Koya /Department of Physics
Daniel Mitterrand Boulevard / Kurdistan Region-Iraq
                                Group Members SMDRG
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Outline Biography
Halo OMAR is a assistant lecturer at the department of Physics, University of Koya, Kurdistan region of Iraq. 
I received my BSc degree in Science Physics from the University of Koya in 2008. 
I completed my MSc degree in Science Technology Material Physics in France, University of Poitiers in 2012. 
2012-2015: Assistance lecturer - Department of Science Physics-University of Koya/Kurdistan-Iraq.
2016-2019: Lecturer - Department of Science Physics-University of Koya/Kurdistan-Iraq. (Present).

Research Interests
1. Mechanical Properties of Thin Films by X-ray diffraction.
2. Solar cell
3. Residual Stress, Texture & Crystallography by XRD.
4. Surface and Thin Film Analysis by STM, AFM, XRF & XPS.
5. Nanotechnology.