Academic Profile

                                    Mr.Halgurd Qadir Othman 

Assistant Lecturer of Nuclear Physics
(+964) - 7701979570
Koya - Kurdistan - Iraq
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Outline Biography
Halgurd is currently Assistant Lecturer at the university of Koya department of physics. He received his B.Sc degree from the university of Koya in 2009, and he also received his M.Sc at the university of Birmingham United Kingdom in 2014, He studied on physics and technology of reactors, his final project was about the effect of radiation on 20/25 Austantic stainless steel to investigate activation and  radiation damage, 

Research Interests
1- Material science: the effect of proton irradiation on alloy materials (i.e., 20/25 austantic stainless steel ) 
2- Material science : Radiation induce material defects ( point defects, linear defects and planer defects)
3- Material science: Radiation induce segregation 
4- Nuclear physics: reducing level of radiation using proper attenuated material 

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