Academic Profile

Halgurd S. Maghdid

PhD in Wireless/Sensors Technologies ( Buckingham University-UK)
(+964) - 770 1393453
Koya - Kurdistan - Iraq

I received my BSc degree in Software Engineering from Salahaddin University, Erbil-Iraq
(2004). And, I received my MSc degree in Computer Science from the Koya University in 2006, Koya- Erbil-
Iraq, where continue as an instructor till now. 
Recently (2016) I got the PhD  in Applied Computing at the University of Buckingham, UK. My research focuses on
hybrid GNSS with other wireless/sensor technologies including WiFi, Bluetooth, and inertial sensors to offer seamless outdoors-indoors Smartphone

Research Interests
My research interest focuses on the following topics;
A. Wireless Networking Development.
B. Wireless Protocols improvement for localisation services.
C. Android-based Smartphones indoors localization.
D. Android OS development for the kernel and application levels.
E. Hybrid GNSS with other wireless/sensors technologies to offer seamless indoor-outdoor positioning for Smartphones LBSs.