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1.  مێژووى ئايينەكان, قۆناغى چوارەم (RLH8235)

Course code RLH8235
Stage: 4 
Classroom:  (Hall no.)
No. of Students: 75

Course code
Stage: xxx 
Classroom: xxxx
No. of Students: xx

Course code
Stage: xxx 
Classroom: xxxx
No. of Students: xx

While being an expert in one’s content area is imperative, if one does not understand how to best communicate one’s knowledge to his or her  students then the expertise is useless.  One of the most important elements to communicate to students is that English is significant to their lives and their futures.  One should strive to create a meaningful classroom environment for their students.   In

order to produce a meaningful environment and acquire a significant learning outcome, it is important to create real world connections, to incorporate student -centered learning, to utilize technology, togenerate continual growth as a

teacher, and to maintain a strict control over the classroom while remaining approachable.     First, it is critical to create real world connections in the classroom while

producing a student-centered learning environment.  If students do not believe they will use classroom material in their future, they see lessons as insignificant,pointless and not worth their time. In order to achieve one’s objectives, a teacher

must make the material relevant to their students.  English is significant to every student’s future.  Whether one is creating resumes, writing job applications,applying to college, composing scientific reports, creating a business

presentation, etc., English is crucial to achieving one’s goal.  A teacher should explain how each lesson will aid students in their future endeavors.  It is also important encourage students to use English in a way that is meaningful to them.

One way to create a lesson that is meaningful to each student is to provide them with a choice. For example, if one wants their students to become better writers

or practice writing conventions one might offer the option to choose from a list of various types of writing, rather than requiring a particular one which many students might not find significant.  Students should be at the forefront of their learning.  They should be experiencing and acquiring knowledge rather than simply listening to it.  Hands-on lessons help makematerial come to life for students.   One excellent way to engage students in the classroom and create real word connections is to utilize technology and maintain one’s current knowledge as a

teacher. Today, students are constantly enveloped in technology.  Using technology in the classroom spawns student interest and connects lessons to their everyday lives. Incorporating technology in the classroom is a must, not

only to engage students but to prepare them for the rapidly growing and changing world. Technology should be used in every way possible in the class- rooms. In order to maintain this goal, it is important to continue one’s education

as a teacher.  Teachers need to stay informed and current in their knowledge of technology as they do their content area. 

     Finally, one cannot attain any goal in their classroom unless it is well-managed.  As a teacher, controlling one’s classroom environment is essential. One needs to produce a strict learning atmosphere.  Educators must, first,demand respect from students and then prove to them that he or she deserves that respect.  One must create specific classroom regulations and not waver. However, while it is imperative to maintain a firm control, it is also necessary to maintain approachable to students.  It is important that students feel comfortable asking questions and that they see a teacher as an adult that cares and one that they can trust.  It is necessary to maintain the role of an authority figure while communicating respect to students and relating to them.  If a teacher is respected, students are more likely to adhere to one’s rules and take class seriously.   

     The best teachers are those that never stop learning and continue striving to improve. It is important to realize that teaching is full of surprises and new situations and one must be ready to adapt, react and discover new strategies. What remains true, it is the necessity to create a meaningful learning

environment and to understand how to relate one’s knowledge to students.