At the FENG, DMFE, I am teaching two course namely;
1. Course 1 Environmental Engineering (CHE408)
2. Course 2 Thermo-Fluid Mechanics (THF5612)

Cousre 1 (CHE408)
Stage: 4
Classroom: F1H6
No. of Students: 32

Cousre 2 (THF5612)
Stage: 2
Classroom: F1H5
No. of Students:57

My Philosophy in Teaching
My philosophy in teaching can be summarized in the following points 

1- To be a good leader for students by commitment to time lectures, try to Knowledge of the needs of the students and their psychological, social.
2- Develop students ' motivation and the interaction between the parties by: using the method of dialogue and participation in short discussions with a view to encouraging them to make their point by developing the skills of analysis, provide means of communication available between me and the students through (Office hours-email-file completion) and use of modern technologies through the scientific view. etc. 
3- Increasing the information of the material by reading and see what is new and linked to previous experiences in teaching. 
4- Clarification and simplification ideas for students through give information gradually, replication and direct attention to applications and provide students with the sallybus of a course, provide them a list of sources and references and some links to websites that help students understand the material, absorbed and presented to the students at the beginning of the semester.