Curriculum Vitae

Name: Fryad Mohammed Sharif
Degree: MSc  of Chemical and Environmental Engineering
Title: Assistant Lecturer
Department: Manufacturing Engineering
Mobile: (+964)- 7702193392
h-index: x
Experience: I have experience beside teaching in Fluid mechanics apparatus, oil properties lab, SEM (Scanning electron Microscope) and AAS (Atomic absorption spectroscopy)

Subject under teaching

·         Recently (Thermofluid dynamics  and Environmental engineering)

·         Laboratory of oil properties (Six years)

·     Laboratory of organic chemistry (Three years)

               ·      Laboratory of Fluid Mechanic (Until now)


-     July 4-6/7/2006 training course in "Exploration Petroleum System Chaired 

by Total Professors Associates " / Jordan University of Science & Technology / Irbid - Jordan   

-    September  9-13/7/2007 training course in "Drilling Techniques Chaired by Total Professors Associes" /Jordan University of Science & Technology / Irbid - Jordan

-    November 18/2008 training course in petrotest company in Dahlewitz, Germany for petroleum testing method

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