At the FSCH, DPHY, I am teaching three course namely;
1. Optics Lab. (A&B) (POS6220)
2. Principle Laser (LAP6226)
3. Optics and Spectroscopy (OPS6215)
4. Computer Applications

Stage: 3th 
Classroom: OpticsLab.A&B
No. of Students: 30

Stage: 3th 
Classroom: Hall2,7 
No. of Students: 37

Stage: 4th 
Classroom: Hall4
No. of Students: 25

My P
hiosophy in Teaching

My philosophical beliefs about teaching and learning include knowledge and skill performer. As I am a assistant professor, I have to create an atmosphere for guiding students through the learning process. I encourage my students to discuss about concepts being presented, by group working, and to show a way that makes it easiest to understand. I am trying to show different methods for presenting my information to classes to improve the learning atmosphere for my students.