Welcome to my Academic Profile page. My name is
Dr. Faris Rashied. I am Assist. Prof. with a PhD degree in Civil/Structural Engineering, teaching in the Civil Engineering DepartmentFaculty of Engineering, Koya University in Kurdistan Region, F.R. Iraq

Publications: 8 Jour. Articles + 4 Conf. paper


Tel : +964 (0) 750 4180 964
Email: faris.rashied@koyauniversity.org

I teach several topic at my faculty;
1. Steel Structures Design, 4th stage
2. Reinforced Concrete, 3rd stage
3. Strength of Material, 2nd stage
4. Engineering Mechanics, Static, 1st stage
5. Staad.Pro Applications, 3rd stage
6. Under Graduate Project, 4th Stage
1. Steel Structures Design, H.Diploma
2. Adv. Mechanics of Materials, MSc

My research interest ....
1. High-Strength Concrete
2. High Performance Concrete
3. Practical Practicing of the above 2 points
4. Punching and shear capacity of R.C. Members
5. Long time deflection of R.C. Members