At the FENG, DCHE, I am teaching three courses namely;
1. Principles of Chemical Engineering I (CHE104)
2. Principles of Chemical Engineering II (CHE203)
3. Laboratories III (Heat Transfer lab) (CHE309)

Principles of Chemical Engineering I (CHE104)
Stage: First stage
Classroom: F1H6
No. of Students: 76 students

Principles of Chemical Engineering II (CHE203)
Stage: Second stage 
Classroom: F1H8
No. of Students: 56 students

Laboratories III (Heat Transfer lab) (CHE309)
Stage: Third stage 
Classroom: Heat Transfer lab
No. of Students: 34 students
My P
hilosophy in Teaching

By their very nature, students are inquisitive. The goal of education should be to encourage seeking answers, as it is in this way that we advance. I seek to facilitate this advancement of knowledge, and the main theme of my teaching philosophy is reasoned thought.
What i try to do is to dedicate a ten minutes introduction at the beginning of each class to motivate students using creative ideas to drag their attention.

At the start of each new subject, i usually try to focus on everyone in class understanding a thorough example. Then i give them all the possible hints and ideas, and ask them to do loads of homework. This way i ensure that they are all going to think and link ideas.

From time to time, i invite old students who are in the fields now, to motivate the students by linking what they are learning with how to apply them in the real jobs.

Because it is impossible to follow 76 students' performance/progress during class time, i make sure that my students understand that i am available to be contacted in my office during working days, and 24/7 via email.

I usually summarize each week's materials and share it with students via email.