Academic Profile

A.L. Farah A. Yousif Peter

The Coordinator of the Chemical Engineering Department
Assistant Lecturer of Chemical Engineering
Department of Chemical Engineering
Faculty of Engineering
Koya University
(+964) - 07507398157
Koya - Kurdistan - Iraq

Outline Biography
I have started my journey with Engineering since 2007, where i have been accepted to study Chemical Engineering at Baghdad university. Due to the political instability issues in the capital, I have fled with my family to kurdistan where i carried on studying Chemical Engineering at Koya university, from which i graduated with distinction, standing first on my class in 2011.  Five months later, I have been employed by the government as a demonstrator in the same faculty that i have graduated from. I had the responsibility of the control lab, and i had the labs of Thermodynamics, Heat transfer, Fluid dynamics, Engineering drawing, Autocad, and matlab to teach. A year after, i was awarded a scholarship from kurdistan government to study masters abroad. I have had six month foundation course in the CELE center at Nottingham university, after which I have joined the MSc course at the university of Sheffield, Environmental and Energy Engineering department, from which i graduated with distinction, first class honor, standing 7 among 83 graduates. During my study in Engineering, i have participated in two poster presentations scoring the first place, winning the first prize in both. I have also awarded two appreciation letters from his highness the past prime minister Barham Saleh given to the intelligent students. Currently, I am an Assistant lecturer of Chemical Engineering in the department of Chemical engineering at Koya University since October, 2014.

Research Interests
Environmental Protection, in all sectors. 
Design of Chemical Engineering Equipment.
Renewable Energy.