At the FENG, DSWE, I am teaching four courses namely;
1. Petroleum Refinery (REN5530)
2. Industrial Safety and Management (ISM5529)
3. Chemical Industries (CHI5526)
4. Process Engineering AutoCAD (PED5514)
5. Engineering Statistics (ENS5535)
                                                   6. Engineering Economics (ENE5536)

Course code
Stage: 4th
Classroom: F2H10
No. of Students: 65

Course code
Stage: 4th
No. of Students: 29

Course code
Stage: 3rd 
Classroom: GL3
No. of Students: 75

Course code
Stage: 2nd
Classroom: F1H8
No. of Students: 50
Course code
Stage: 3rd
Classroom: GL3
No. of Students: 75

My P
hiosophy in Teaching
1. Prepare movies, animations and images for demonstration of lectures’ knowledge. 
2. Depend mainly on data show in order to save time and gives a time for discussions then distribute the lecture as digital copy to all student. 
3. Concentrate on actual applications on Iraq first and on other countries and on what the student will see during their scientific visits to factories.