At the FSCH, Department of 
Physics, I am teaching two courses namely;
 1. Electronics (3rd year)
 2. Practical Electronics (3rd year)

Academic Year 2015-2016

Course code: ELC6216
Stage: 3rd year
Classroom: Phys (Hall 4)
No. of Students: 42

Course code:  PEL6221
Stage: 3rd year
Classroom: Electronics Lab.
No. of Students: 42

My P
hilosophy in Teaching

Learning can be considered as the process of building human capacities in the multidisciplinary fields of life. To overcome the difficulties experiencing humanities and to develop various aspects of these experiences for achieving higher qualities of life style, It is necessary to collect as much as possible of knowledge and then applying these knowledge for the process of building and development. My philosophy in teaching is intended to give the students plentiful of knowledge and teaching them with different scientific strategies based on their majors. This is to produce students who are able to solve daily life problems and build better quality of life for their nations and humanities even after which they are graduated to work in society.