At the FSCH, I am teaching two courses in BSc & 4 course in PhD study namely ;
  1. Animal physiology 
  2. Academic Debates in Biology  Academic Report Witing Formate 
  3. Ecotoxicology for PhD students
  4. Endocrinology for PhD Biology Students 
  5. Organ ^& System Physiology for PhD Biology Students 

 Animal Physiology Course code ANP6119
4th biology
Classroom:  (Hall no.8)
No. of Students: 42

Academic Debates Course code ACD6500
1st biology
(Hall no.9)
No. of Students: 47

Course code
Ecotoxicology for PhD Biology Students
Stage: PhD students

Course code
Endocrinology for PhD Biology Students
Stage: PhD students
Course code

Organ & System Physiology for PhD Biology Students
Stage: PhD students

My Phiosophy in Teaching

-I Can shorten my philosophy in the education process and build future generations by the fact that this process is the secretariat rests with the faculty in Universities wherever .I depend -depth explanation in the delivery of information to students and involvement in the learning process, considering that the student is the center of the learning process and not teaching so that my interest in obsolete critical thinking .

Continuous updating of lectures levels in cognitive growing and accelerating both quantitatively and qualitatively.

Familiarity with the techniques developed in the field of teaching is imperative for the faculty member.

Mastering dealing with the modern means of communication, especially the Internet, electronic learning and Blackboard systems become axioms of the university teaching profession.

Keep up with developments in research, studies and other scientific innovations in the area of ​​specialization is indispensable for any faculty member under the age of accelerating the process of scientific research.

Guide students learning about the various sources of the new and fundamental duty of a faculty member.

The article includes scientific decision on variety of topics to ensure configured academically and nationally; and connected at the same time the reality career is an essential requirement in that article.
Adoption of dialogue and discussion with students within the classroom is an indispensable addition to the lecture and memorization method.

Humanitarian communicate with students is an important way to attract interest in the decision and motivate them to target the collection of scientific material.

The existence of the site and an intellectual forum for the faculty member on the international information network is very useful in achieving academic and humanitarian communication between the professor and his students.

Adoption of the modern student assessment and distribution of grades on the overall activities during the semester and diversify patterns questions to ensure fairness and thoroughness in the evaluation process all of which fall under the duties of a faculty member.

Provide students with tuition plan, including elements of the decision and the definition of distributed chronologically weeks of the semester and the dates of quarterly tests the inherent right of a student to a faculty member.

The allocation of office hours for students and their commitment and good reception to them by the faculty member; is indispensable in achieving the objectives of the educational process.

Post a faculty member students in extra-curricular activities strengthen the bonds of human relationships with them and will reflect positively on the educational process.

Faculty member's keenness to follow up on developments in the field of university teaching quality and achieve by attending courses, workshops and lectures related is very important for the development of their capabilities.