Academic Profile

Dr. Esmail Salih  Kakey  
 Professor of Physiology
(+964) - 07501096013
Koya - Kurdistan - Iraq

Outline Biography 

  • Esmail Kakey is an Professor of Animal physiology in the Department of Biology/ Faculty of Science &Health, where he joined the work at Koya University since 2005. Before that he was an Associate Professor at the University of Mosul / Faculty of Science / Dept. of Biology. 
  • He gained a B.Sc. degree in Biology from Mosul University in 1979, M.Sc. degree in Animal Physiology from University of Mosul/ Iraq in 1981, and Ph.D. degree in Clinical Physiology from the University of Mosul / Iraq in 1999. 
  • He started his academic teaching in 1984 when he joined the work at the University of Salahaddin /Erbil- Iraq, as an Assistant Lecturer in the department of Biology. 

  • Since the beginning of his work at the University of Koya, he work as Chairman of the scientific & postgraduate studies committee , and during this mission he organized all the required forms for submission moves, study demands and discussion and certification. He worked as a member of the postgraduate studies committee in the presidency of the university to develop a graduate special instructions.

  • Since 2007 he worked as head of biology department and associate dean of the faculty of Science . Also he worked as Chairman of the Committee for import equipment and scientific materials to provide all educational supplies for undergraduate study of the department of biology and other departments of the college. 
  • AS a member faculty staff I studied the following topics in the undergraduate study (Modern biology, Zoology, Histology & Embryology Animal physiology, Academic debates ) . Also he studied the following topics in postgraduate studies (Msc, PhD) ( Advanced animal physiology, cell physiology, hematology, Endocrine). 
  • Since 2011 and still worked as director of curriculum development in the presidency of the University and through my work he organized many seminars and workshops to develop curriculum and prepared the necessary instructions for the development of curricula consist. He is Member of Iraqi Biological Society, Member of Biology Syndicate of Kurdistan, Member of Kurdistan Universities & Institutes Teachers Syndicate and Member of Koya University Culture Center. 
Research Interests

Kakey research interest includes the following fields;

1. Clinical Changes of Physiological Disease .

2. Natural Products Isolation & Evaluation.

3. plant Extraction .

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