Academic Activities

1 -
Since  2005 the beginning of my work at the University of Koya, I was Chairman of the scientific & postgraduate studies  committee  , and during this mission I organized all the required forms for submission moves, study demands  and discussion and certification.

2 – Since 2011  I was a member of the postgraduate studies  committee in the presidency of the university  to develop a graduate special instructions and I print these instructions personally.

3 - Since 2007 I was the  head of biology department and associate dean of the faculty of Science and through this business, I have the following academic tasks:
(Organizing the halls  & laboratories of the department and college),  offering teaching staff and teaching supplies in the department and the college.

4 – Also  I was Chairman of the Committee for import equipment and  scientific materials  to provide all educational supplies for undergraduate study of the department of biology and other departments of the college.

5 -  AS a member faculty staff I studied the following topics in the undergraduate study (Modern biology, Zoology, Histology & Embryology Animal physiology, Academic debates ).

6 – Also I studied  the following topics in postgraduate studies (MsC, PhD)   ( Advanced animal physiology, cell physiology, hematology, Endocrine).

7 - since I end of 2011 and still worked as director of curriculum development in   the presidency of the  University and through my work  I organized many seminars and workshops to develop  curriculum and prepared  the necessary instructions for the development of curricula consist. Curriculum Development Directorate Website (سايتي پرۆگرامي خۆيندن)

8- Since 2013 I am  a member of the Academic journal of Koya University.

9-  Since now I am a member developing  of the curriculum in the Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research.

10- I gave many seminars in the developing  of the curriculum  & Academic Debates curriculum.

11- I am a Reviewer of:

 Rafidain journal of science of Mosul University- Iraq,

Journal of University of Duhok (JUD)  of Journal of University of Duhok (JUD),

Kirkuk University journal Scientific Studies of University of   Kirkuk- Iraq,

Reviewers' Team Member of  International Journal of Agriculture and Biosciences (IJAB),

Journal of Life Sciences, ISSN 1934-7391, USA.

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