At the FSCH, DPHY, I am teaching three courses namely;
1. Molecular Physics (code)
2. Nuclear Physics Lab. (A+B) (code)
3. Atomic Physics Lab-(B+C)-.  (code)

Course code
Stage: 3rd year physics
Classroom: 6100
No. of Students: 38

Course code
Stage: 4th year physics
Classroom: 6104
No. of Students: (12+13)

Course code
2nd year physics
Classroom: 6102
No. of Students:(16+17)

My P
hiosophy in Teaching
Teaching physics is a process of dynamics equilibrium between the lecture and students i.e. there is no prefect lecture but with open communication between the students and teacher on can strive to optimize the transfer and retention of physics concepts. My teaching style, it is then easier to discuss the more complex concepts and make it easier, for example, by bring the real world into the lecture room. When I connect physics to real-life situations. Challenging students to think about what they observe in everyday situation is a great way to open their mind. I spend most of class time discussing and applying major results rather. I feel very strongly that to be an effective teacher, I need to treat students with respect. I must attempt to know each student strength and weaknesses, and accommodate comments and questions at any time. My job is not to show them what I know, but to teach them what they need to know and above all to facilitate their learning.