At the FENG, DSWE, I am teaching one course namely;
1. Software Requirements Engineering and Analysis (KOU20324)
2. Course 2 title (code)

At the FEDUDKIN, I am teaching one course namely;
1. Academic Computing (ACC5300)
2. Course 2 title (code)

Stage: 2nd 
Classroom: F2H3
No. of Students: 25

Stage: 1st 
No. of Students: 50

Course code
Stage: xxx 
Classroom: xxxx
No. of Students: xx
My P
hilosophy in Teaching
Software Engineering, like other engineering types, has starting point. It was appeared in the 1940s and It is being continued to solve real problems through finding new methods, processes and techniques. Today, the hardware parts of systems and computers are so complex and expensive economically. So, solving the human problems through computer systems is not an easy process.

To solve such real problems, various kinds of techniques and processes should be taught. Students must learn those types of (old and new) methods to know how to deal with a problem when it appears suddenly. learning and studying different techniques and methods, choosing the easiest and best method, participating students to express their ideas about a problem how to solve through asking them are the teaching philosophy of mine.

Generally, during teaching time I always try to:

  • Explain the subjects as clear as possible.
  • Connect subjects with real life examples.
  • Ask students to participate by giving them problems.
  • Use different ways of teaching.