At the FENG, DGEN, I am teaching three courses namely;
1. Strength of Materials(STM5213)
2. Construction Materials Technology (CMT5214)
3. Academic Debate (ACD6500)
4. Engineering Surveying (SUR5025) at (DARE)

Course code(STM5213)
Stage: Second
Classroom: F2H7 
No. of Students: 63

Course code(CMT5214)
Stage: Second
Classroom: F2H7
No. of Students: 63

Course code(ACD6500)
Stage: First 
Classroom: F1H7
No. of Students: 40

Course code(SUR5025)
Stage: Second
Classroom: GL4
No. of Students: 25

My P
hiosophy in Teaching
I view teaching as a process of encouraging students to become responsible for their own learning. In this process the role of teacher is as facilitator that should encourage students for the same purpose. 
To achieve this goal, it is essential for teachers to know the background of students and even their scientific level in order to prepare the kind of slides that reflects on their ability. 
I believe that students learn better when they are involved and excited about the materials and the way of presented. Therefore, I try to make a relaxed atmosphere at my class that students feel comfortable and ask questions. 
Another issue that I concern about the teaching is everything is going well according to guidelines particularly both course materials and course policies. I provide the detailed syllabus for the students and explain the course-book at the beginning of first lecture. 
I have used laptops and data show to present the last up-to-date materials that I have prepared for students and try to explain complex theories with the help of video animations. In addition, I use the web as the main source of communication with students. My exams are designed to bring together different concepts from individual examples and homework problems and combine them. 
At last but not least, as a teacher I try to foster in my students critical thinking and problem-solving strategies.