Academic Profile

Mr. Daban A. Muhedin

Assistant Lecturer of Civil and Structural Engineering
(+964) 7503502967
Koya - Kurdistan - Iraq

Outline Biography
Daban is an Assistant Lecturer of Structural and Concrete Engineering at faculty of Engineering/ Geotechnical Engineering Department. He got B.Sc. degree in Geotechnical engineering from Koya University in 2009 and joined work at Koya University since 2009. He got M.Sc. degree in Structural and Concrete engineering at Sheffield University, Sheffield, UK in 2013. He started his academic journey in 2013 when he joined the work at the Research Center in Faculty of Engineering, after researching for one year, he moved to Geotechnical Engineering Department in 2014. He is now a member of Geotechnical Engineering Academic Staff and teaching related topics in the same department.

Research Interests
1. Studying sustainability of concrete
2. Studying durability of concrete
3. Find new physical and mechanical properties of concrete
4. Pollution and environmental engineering

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