At the FENG, DPET, I am teaching the following courses namely;
1. Properties of Oil: (Theory+ Practical) (PRO 5409)
2. Thermodynamics: (Theory+ Practical) (THD 5408)
3. Academic Debate (Theory): Fist Stage Petroleum Eng. Department.
4. Petroleum and Gas Properties (Theory): Second Stage Chemical Eng. Department.

PGP5518: Petroleum and Gas Properties
Stage: 2nd Chem. Eng.
Classroom: F1H5
No. of Students: 40

Stage: 2nd
Classroom: F1H4
No. of Students: 42

Stage: 2nd
Classroom: F1H4
No. of Students: 42

Academic Debate:
1st Stage Petroleum Eng. Dept.
No. of Students: 30
My P
hiosophy in Teaching

Teaching is like other skills in life, it must be focused on realistic scientific concepts, and psychological factors that facilitates the communication between the lecturer and the students. As mentioned in many religion books: "We Will Harvest What We Plant"

What life teaches us, that all of us were students at certain times of our ages and we still learning from others experience. As I prefered to be treated during my study life, I'm going to do my best with my students and trying to show them an Ideal style of teaching.

I'm using some crucial factors such as Motivation, Encouragement, discipline, creating safe environment for discussions and honesty, in order to obtain the best student-tutor communication and trying to reflect the level of progress and evolution of the country.