At the FENG, DARE, I am teaching two courses namely;
1. Course 1:Design IV- 4th Stage (ARD5026)
3. Course 2: Building Construction I1st Stage (BLC5005)

Course code  (ARD5026) 
Stage: 4th
Classroom: F1DH5
No. of Students: 19

Course code  (BLC5005)
Stage: 1st
Classroom: F1DH1
No. of Students: 26
My P
hiosophy in Teaching

My philosophy in lesson is making a comfortable atmosphere that encourage students to create discussions between them and ask more questions about the academic subject. Explaining the subject by using tools and new technology is preferable way for delivering information that makes the students imagine it easily.
For some subject in Architecture Department it is important to show short videos. As I teach Building Construction using this style is useful and helps students to see  construction stages for a building with all architectural details.