At the FENG, DSWE, I am teaching one course namely;
1. Logic Design (KOU20312)
2. Computer Skills (KOU20303)
3. Operating Systems (OPS538)

Logic Design (KOU20312)
Stage: 1st
Classroom: F2H2
No. of Students: 53
Course Book: coursebook 

Computer Skills  (KOU20303)
Stage: 1st
Classroom: F2H5
No. of Students: 42
Course Book: coursebook 

Operating Systems (OPS538)

Stage: 4th
Classroom: F2H12
No. of Students: 26
Course Book: coursebook 

My Phiosophy in Teaching
Teaching Philosophy:
I am interested in teaching the computer related modules such as Computer Programming and other IT related modules. Currently i am teaching (12 hours a week) the following modules in the Faculty of Engineering: