Research & Supervision

BSc graduation projects

2019 -2020
  • Sensitivity study to evaluate the effect(s) of the reservoir properties on the coning¬†phenomenon in fractured reservoirs
  • The study of hysteresis effect on water alternate gas (wag) injection
2018 -2019
  • Effect of Heterogeneity on Sweep Efficiency and Ultimate Recovery of Water Flood in Sandstone Recovery
  • Numerical Simulation of Water-Oil Flow in Naturally Fractured Reservoirs
2017 -2018
  • Numerical Simulation of Low Salinity Water Flooding Assisted with Chemical Flooding for Enhanced Oil Recovery
  • Grid sensitivity simulation on low salinity water flooding
  • Rig site modeling
  • Drilling fluid design for highly deviated well in Kolosh section include case study.
  • Simulation of horizontal well producing from a thin oil rim.
2016 -2017
  • Comparison of continuous and slug low salinity injection
  • Optimize on well location to maximize storage capacity and reduce the risk of leakage for carbon capture and sequestration in saline aquifer
  • Reservoir simulation of the impact of various injection water composition scenarios on the oil recovery
  • Low salinity water flooding as EOR method to improve oil recovery
  • Mechanisms of sand production and control- Development of a sand control strategy
  • Underground carbon dioxide (CO2) storage¬†