Academic Profile

Mr. Barham Sabir Mahmood
Assistant Lecturer of Petroleum Engineering  
Department of Petroleum Engineering
(+964) - 770 360 5782
Koya - Kurdistan - Iraq 

Outline Biography

I have started my journey with Engineering since 2007, where I have been accepted to study Petroleum Engineering at Koya university, from which i graduated with distinction, standing first on my class in 2011.  Three months later, I have been employed by the government as a demonstrator in the same faculty that i have graduated from. I had the responsibility of the drilling Lab, and i had the labs of physical geology, oil properties, thermodynamics, Fluid dynamics, and matlab to teach. A year after, i was awarded a scholarship from Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) to study masters abroad. I have had six month foundation course in the English language center at Heriot-Watt university, after which I have joined the MSc course at the institute of petroleum engineering in the same university. During my study in Engineering, I have participated in a poster presentations in the faculty of engineering/Koya university, scoring the third place, winning the third prize. I have also awarded an appreciation letter from his highness the past prime minister Barham Saleh given to the intelligent students. I have also awarded an appreciation letters from the past minster of higher education Dlawer Ala'Aldeen given to the first class students. Currently, I am an Assistant lecturer of Petroleum Engineering in the department of petroleum  engineering at Koya University since November, 2014

Research Interests
Barham's research interest includes the following fields:
1. Low salinity water flooding in sandstone and carbonate reservoir
2. CO2 sequestration
3. Reservoir Characteristics

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