Research & Supervision

Research Mentoring

Program: Undergraduate program/ Dep. Clinical Psychology/ Koya University

1. Dates: November 2014 – june2015

Student’s name: Alla Umar Hassan

Name of dissertation: Somatic Symptoms Disorder and I-Type A Behavior among Adults in Koya city. 

2. Dates: November 2014 – june2015

Student’s name: Hewar Babeker Muhammed

Name of dissertation: Attribution Style and Depression among the YzydianFemale

3. Dates: November 2014 – june2015

Student’s name: Hazhar Abdulla Hammid

         Name of dissertation: Social Anxiety Disorder and Five Factor Model among Koya University students.

4. Dates: November 2014 – june2015

Student’s name: Bwar Talib Qader

Name of dissertation: Social Anxiety Disorder and Alcohol use during Adults 

5. Dates: November 2013 – june2014

Student’s name: Roshna Ali

 Name of dissertation: Compulsive behavior among Highly Religious Adult

6. Dates: November 2013 – june2014

Student’s name: Amanj sulaiman

Name of dissertation: Narcissism Personality Disorder among University Students.