At the FSCH, Biology department and Medical Microbiology department, I am teaching three courses namely;
1. Food and Industrial Microbiology (FIM6121)
2. Practical Microbiology (
4. Food and Industrial Microbiology (
FIM6527 )

Course code (FIM6121)
Stage: 4th
Classroom: Biology dept. ( Hall 8)
No. of Students: 22

Course code  ( MIB6110)
Stage: 2th
Classroom: Biology dept. (Lab. General Microbiology)
No. of Students: 39

Course code
( FIM6527)
Stage: 4th stage
Med. Microbiology dept. (Hall 14 )
No. of Students: 37


My P
hiosophy in Teaching

My philosophy in teaching depending on connecting the subjects in syllabus with the field works.
So I explain any examples and cases which is applied in the practical life in lecture that student live with it, and teach the students how to deal with problem cases as a Biologist.
I used the laboratory to explain many tests technique applied on the materials according to specifications and prepare students to be know how they can investigate the spoilage of any kind of foods as well as how they are work in the laboratory with the right ways.
Regarding examinations and the type of questions that should be used to evaluate students' knowledge and information of a specific topic, I always follow a strategy of picking questions from different parts of the course or module not focusing in one part and leaving the rest.