At the FEDU, DِARB, I am teaching two courses namely;
1.Conversation1 (CON8004)
2.Conversation2 ()
3-Teaching Methods (TME8028)

Courses I am teaching:

Conversation2 ())
Stage: 2rd 
Classroom: Hall 12
No. of Students: 50
Course Module Website

Teaching Methods (TME8028)
Stage: 3rd 
Classroom: Hall 3
No. of Students: 52
Course Module Website

Conversation (CON8004)
Stage: 1rd 
Classroom: Hall 1
No. of Students: 55
Course Module Website

My Teaching Philosophy 

My Phiosophy in Teaching

Education is a noble message, and the upscale profession, Islam has bone of the value of education, the teacher and the teacher to play many of the virtues of education, Ktnoar minds, and to revive the souls and height man above the level of other objects.
And education in order to achieve what we hope the fruits of good must the good education.
And from this view, the educational philosophy pursued by a student with depends on the following:
* To be a good example for students by:
• - all due respect to my career in attendance on time for a lecture and a commitment in time schedule.
• the development of fraternal relations with the student.
• instil confidence to the student and his ability to understanding and comprehension and creativity.
• Speaking in classical Arabic and easy.
• Knowledge of the needs of the student and the conditions of psychological, social and mental abilities and taking into account individual differences.
 * Raise student motivation and interaction between the two parties (teacher and student) by:
• The use of the method of dialogue and participation in brief discussions with a view to encouraging them to express their point of view to the development of analytical skills.
• provide a means of communication available between me and the student through (Office Hours - E-mail).
• diversify stimuli and educational tools so the student did not feel bored and work in groups and linking themes life learning process.
• The use of modern technology through scientific presentation.
• motivate the student to self-learning, whether by reference to the library or the World Wide Web as required by the course requirements in the theoretical framework and practical.
• Involve students in the assessment process.
* Mastery of scientific material by:
• read and see what is new and linking previous experiences in teaching.
• Determine Objectives of the course and content of education through processing file decision, which includes (descriptions - Objectives - Topics to be distributed on contact hours and working methods - scheduled teaching strategies and learning outcomes and ways to Calendar and learning resources).
* Clarifying and simplifying ideas to the student by:
• Giving information gradually, repetition and attention applications direct.
• provide the student with a clear plan and detailed decision contains objectives and on the agenda weeks of the semester and what is being put in every week, also contains a list of sources and references feeder with the decision and some of the links in websites that help students understand the material and absorbed and presented to the student at the beginning of the semester.
M. M. Bakhtiar Awla
Teacher at the University of Koya
 College of Education / Department of Arabic Language