At the FEDU, I am teaching two courses namely:
1.Academic Computing (ACC5300)
Library and Method of Research (SQS8432)

Course code (ACC5300)
Stage: First year
Classroom:10(Hall no.)
No. of Students: 62

Course code 
Stage: 4th year
Classroom: 8
No. of Students: 57

My P
hiosophy in Teaching

The teaching interactive reciprocal relationship between the lecturer and requested, an educational process based on good understanding of learning outcomes and how to achieve them, so I believe that the university professor is bound to be of his tasks and duties performed by towards requested, as they are the ones to have the same tasks and duties towards Professor .

I believe that my responsibilities as a teacher in Koya University to give my students the following:
Upscale educational atmosphere that does the learning process.
Information and knowledge of scientific and practical that will help them to be more superior and successful in their lives.
Educational materials and books and scientific references are not available in the university library,
Feedback to them to be more active in the learning process nutrition.
Raise motivation and promotion make them more successful in their lives and superior scientific and practical.
As I believe that with my students and duties to the discerning teacher Rapporteur toward their colleagues and to themselves, which helps them to do their jobs effectively and highly efficient.