Academic Profile

Mr. Bahzad.K. Wahhab
Assistant lecturer in Religious Education Department
(+964) - 7501238712
Koya - Kurdistan - Iraq

Outline Biography

- Full name: Bahzad.Kareem.Wahhab

- Scientific Title: Assistant Lecturer

- Bachelor:  Religious Studies/ The year 2010 , at the Koya University/ Koya, the Faculty of Social Science Humanity, the Islamic Studies Department .

- Mastermajoring in (Narrated Al-Imam Al-Awzaee from Yahiya Ebn Abe Kather & aloneness from He to Him in Three Al-Maijm For Tabarane

(Collecting and Studding), University of Sulaymani/ in 2014.

- Occupation : Assistant Lecturer at the University of Koya / Faculty of education . 

- Participated in several seminars and courses at Koya University.

Research Interests1.
1- Al-sunnah and Hadeeth science

2- Biography of the Prophet

3- proven hadeelth .

4- biography and novels narrators of hadith

5- Imams study curriculum.

6- The investigation of evidence of hadith

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