At the FENG, Geotechnical  & Civil Engineering Department, I am teaching these course namely;
1. Engineering statistics (ENS5106)
2- Environment & Engineering Geophysics (GEE5210).
3- Academic Computing.
4- Engineering Geology

(GEE5210) Course
Stage: Second
Classroom: F2H7 
No. of Students: 42 

Stage: First
ClassRoom: F2H8
No.of Students: 9

My Philosophy in teaching:

My objectives as a lecturer is to learn my students the fundamental content of the course and making them as a faster critical thinking, facilitate the acquisition of life-long learning skills and solving problems. therefore i will try to make a link between what am teaching and what they will learn by themselves and clarified difficult topics and led me through complex areas, and put knowledge into context so that its relevance was apparent.
 Illustrative means and site visits are some of my tools to reach the objectives. teaching a lone is not enough for students to learn they have to participate with my lecture. i am encouraging them by asking questions and discussing all the concepts around my topic . In this case students attendance in the class is very important.