Academic Profile

 Dr. Bahaa A. Abdullah

Instructor of Usool Al-Fiqh
(+964) - xxxxxxxx
Koya - Kurdistan - Iraq

Outline Biography
Bahaa is an instructor of Islamic Sciences in the Department of Religious Studies/ Faculty of Education in Koya University.He gained a B.A. degree in Islamic Sciences from Department of Islamic Studies in University of Baghdad in 1993 , while he obtained the M.A. degree in Usool  Al-Fiqh from Department of Al- Fiqh wa Usool in Islamic University in Baghdad in 1997 .He gained  a Ph.D. degree in the the same  field, which is Usool Al- Fiqh , from Department of Al-Sharia in the University of Baghdad in 2003. In October 2002,he was appointed in Al- Mustansirya  University and he started teaching different subjects like Usool Al-Fiqh, the Fiqh of personal affairs , Islamic systems and so  alike .Dr. Bahaa joined University of Koya, department of Religious Studies in 2006 and up to the current time he is practicing his specialization in this department.He teaches different subjects for different classes.He is a member of the Scientific Committee in the Department of Religious Studies and a member of the Committee of  Constructing and Developing the Curriculum  in Koya University.Recently he published two papers in the Journal of Koya University. He supervised a M.A. student and he is supervising another one currently .He also participated in examining M.A. students.He is also lecturing in the Institution of  Al- Khitaba wa AI-Dawa /Ministry of Al- Awqaf.

Research Interests
Bahaa's research interests includes the following:
1. Principles of Jurisprudence.
2.The Discourse of Legislation.
3.The Interpretation of Legislation texts.
4. The Rules of Jurisprudence.

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