At the FENG, DSWE, I am teaching one course namely.Computation Theory (CTH5314)
At the FSCH, DMAT, I am teaching one course namely.
Image Processing using MATLAB ()

Course code
Stage: Second
Classroom: (Hall no.)
No. of Students: 34

Course code
Stage: Third
(Hall no.)
No. of Students: 44

My P
hiosophy in Teaching

My personal teaching philosophy is based on a proposition that “Teaching is about Learning”. This means that to improve teaching I must focus on the learning needs of the future that will be shaped by today’s students. I believe that the keys to effective teaching are providing students with simple real-world examples, motivating them to discuss what they have learned, and providing them with opportunities to practice their knowledge. In addition to providing the students with informative and insightful lectures, the instructor should foster an environment in the classroom that promotes question and discussion opportunities. I believe that a course developed and taught is successful only if most of the materials are absorbed by the majority of students during the class sessions and reinforced by homework, study groups, and review sessions.

My goals in teaching are not just to promote learning of the subject matter. I also try to help the students learn to think logically, learn problem-solving methods and techniques. In addition, I try to help students see the course material in a holistic context by requiring them to synthesize the various concepts of the course by applying them together.