At the FENG, DAE, I am teaching the following courses:
1. Working Drawing (WKD5019)
2. Professional Practice (PRP5046)
3. Building Services (BLS5024)
4. Supervising an MSc dissertation in DARE

(WKD5019) in DARE
Stage: 3rd
Classroom: F1DH2 
No. of Students: 27

(PRP5046) in DARE
Stage: 5th 
Classroom: BL5
No. of Students: 21

(BLS5024) in DARE
Stage: 3rd 
Classroom: F1DH4
No. of Students: 27

MSc Dissertation supervision in DARE 
Stage: Post Graduate
No. of Students: 1
My P
hiosophy in Teaching

It depends on (and adopting) the following principles:
  1. Critical thinking, i, e: mutual dialogue among the students, and between the student and me.
  2. The student shall present himself intellectually to his colleagues by oral presentations.
  3. The lecture isn't just a recital process from one side, but rather a matter of two way communication between two sides or even more.