At the FSCH, DPHY, I am teaching three courses namely;
  1. Classical Electrodynamics (CED6370)
  2. EM Theory (EMT6224).
  3. Electricity and Magnetism (ELM6233)
  4. Practical Electronics Lab. (PEL6221)
  5. General Physics Lab (PGP6203).

Classical Electrodynamics
Stage: M.Sc. Level  
Classroom: Thin Film Lab.
No. of Students: 3
Course Book: (CED6370)

Electricity and Magnetism
Stage: First
Classroom: H9
No. of Students: 46
Course Book: (ELM6233)

Practical General Physics
Stage: First
Classroom: General Physics Lab.
No. of Students:46 
Course Book: (PGP6203)

My P
hiosophy in Teaching

teaching is a great job at which one can help the students to understand the science and put them on the right line .