Academic Profile

D. Ari Anuar
Lecturer in FEDU (Physical Education)
Koya - Kurdistan - Iraq
+964 (0)750 112 3529
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Outline Biography

Name: Ary Anwar Zuber
Age: 36 years Koya
Place of residence / Koya
  • Bachelor Graduation Year (1998-1999) University of Salahaddin. 
  • Master Graduation Year (2006-2008) University of Koya. 
  • Year (1999) has been changed to my title of assistant teacher to teacher.
  • In the year (2001) is appointed by the Ministry of Education Allier year (2005). 
  • In the year (2005) reduce the present time continuous service in teaching at the University of Koya teacher. 
  • Lessons that have been taught: football-sports psychology
  • quality ashwrans 
  • Activities: 
  • Participation at the level of tens havens school and faculty and university such as: 
    • (1 - Committee for accepting students in the School of Physical Education -2 - Examination Commission -3 - Commission for the graduation ceremony .... etc.). 
    • Laboratory and founder of the School of Physical Education.
  • Participation in conferences and seminars: 
    • participation of a number of regional conferences and Iraqi and international as well as a number of seminars and (work Shop) outside the university. 

Research Interests
Preparation (8) Research and translation of the book in the jurisdiction of Physical Education.

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