The Course

This Course gives the students the chance to enhance and improve their Design abilities through practicing Design critical thinking, initial studies, making decisions, producing required plans, and models, as well as presentation; within several assumed projects decided by the teaching staff.
In their Fourth-year in Architectural Engineering Department, students now would be introduced practically to the Urban Design which they’d already studied its theories in the former year.

This Course consists of 56 lectures, each one is of 5 hours duration, 2 lectures/ week, with 12 credits.
Course details

 Faculty:Faculty of Engineering (FENG)
 schoolSchool of Architecture and Construction 
Department:Department of Architectural Engineering
Course title:Architectural Design IV
Course code:ARD5026
Period:The academic year 2017-2018
Lecturer:Dr.Shaymaa Fadhel  
Sulaiman Ahmed Mustafa 
Nawzad Kakamand Jalal
Support:Office Hours by appointment
 Class website:
 Peer Reviewer 

Entry-level skills

The student must be able to read various provided sources in English and write short essays and participate in class discussions.