Cousre 1 ( CLC7011) 
Stage: 2
Classroom: 4 - 5
No. of Students: 80

Cousre 2 ( COC7020) 
Stage: 3
Classroom: 6
No. of Students: 40

My philosophy in Teaching

Teaching and learning are one of the most important professions in life. It’s a profession that requires great responsibility and hard work in order to become a professional tutor, for whoever tries to be professional in his field.
In my point of view teaching and learning are based on three important elements and these are: curriculum, teacher and learner. Each one of these elements has got great impact on having a successful teaching environment. Teaching also has a great effect on raising awareness in the community and in developing as well as improving the social behaviour within the community. That’s why a successful teaching environment improves and progresses the community. There are number of aspects that explain my philosophy and strategy in teaching which can be illustrated as follows:

Preparing the curriculum and making lesson plans for each session through finding appropriate books and resources for these sessions. As well as this, a professional tutor has to be able to use different learning styles to deliver the curriculum in the best and easiest way possible. Teaching will be also more successful if we tutors consider viewing and discussing what the curriculum contains and when it has been issued and published. Also the ways we deliver and explain as well as discuss the curriculum learn from our and others experience.