At the FSCH, amera, I am teaching 3 courses namely;
1. Principles of laser
2. solid state lab
3. optics lab

Course code
Stage: 4th
Classroom:  (Hall no.2)
No. of Students: 17

Course code
Stage: 4th 
Classroom solid state lab
No. of Students: 9

Course code
Stage: 3th
Classroom: optics lab
No. of Students: 27
My Philosophy in Teaching
Teaching must be follows several teaching styles (methods) depending on the topics to be taught, as well as to students. I think, teaching must be depends on the workshop, that means its follow the practical side more explanation in teaching.
references style where the student is obtain the information from time to time
tutorial style where directed to students who do not have enough time to read.
I continue to improve my own teaching by engaging in careful reflection. This allows me to think critically about what works and what doesn't. Then, I am able to adapt my own teaching to better meet the needs of my students.

Additionally, because all students are different, they will respond differently to assessments, thus I believe in giving a multitude of assessments including: quizzes, presentations, to gain a better understanding of what my students know.