Academic Profile

 . Alan S. Saadi

Associate   Lecturer of sociology and   Education & Psychology
(+964) - 7501197707
Koya - Kurdistan - Iraq

Outline Biography

At First I was assigned in 2001 in the directorate of Social care , and then working at Unicef  to guide the disabled people

Alsoin 2003 working as a director for mine collection in ( Koya, Ranya, Qaladze, Shwan) After that I became a social

 researcher in the directorate of relations and collaboration in 2004, during that period I was working as an accountant

 in the directorate of culture in 2006 and currently working as a lecturer at University of Koya , College of Education

Research Interests
Alan's research interest includes the following fields;
1-research of social anthropology
2-social structure

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