At the FSCH, Physics, I am teaching the following courses namely;
1.  Practical Physics III (PEM6213)
2. Quantum Mechanics (QMC6214)
3. Graduation Project (RPG6230)
4. Electrodynamics (MSc. students)

PEM6213 Course 
Stage: 2
Classroom:  (Ac. Lab.)
No. of Students: 47 stud. (three groups)

QMC6214 Course
Stage: 3 
Classroom: 2
No. of Students: 37

RPG6230 Course
Stage: 4
Office room
No. of Students: 2

My P
hiosophy in Teaching
   The only way students are really going to learn is to experience science themselves. Science is all around us and the students need to realize and understand that. They need to be engaged and interested in what they are learning about. The best way to accomplish this is to guide them to asking questions and to try new things and ideas. 
 In teaching I'm concerned in applying:
A positive atmosphere in the classroom, A window on the world. Almost any event I can link to the subject I teach. and the most important thing is giving the student the respect they deserve and making them feel that they are the country leaders after graduating. 
skill and experience for teacher is more important than scientific knowledge when teaching the Bsc. level.