At the FEDU, D,geograph I am teaching two courses namely;

 1- Geographical Industry.

Geographical Industry
No. of Students: 39

My P
hiosophy in Teaching
Foolishness Dr. Ahmed Jalil Ismail khaki Summed up my philosophy valuable process of higher education to keep pace with scientific developments taking place in the world as a whole in order to raise awareness and build future generations adoption Hakikە fact that Almsahmە in this process, the secretariat of the responsibility of every breeder of faculty members. We as members of this process we give the student confidence and honesty as a representative of the next generation and Zlkmenkhalal be provided with in-depth specialization side of the theoretical and practical This requires us to move from teaching style to the style of education by adopting the style of critical thinking, that Hzhalahdav to Ataathakq security during these tasks:
1- update the continuous Mahadharat annual specialized in quality and quantity.
2- Use of modern techniques developed in the field of teaching.
3- to deal seriously with the scientific and modern means of communication, especially the Internet and modern education systems.
4- Work to enrich the scientific material for the academic de