At the FSCH, DMAT, I am teaching two courses namely;
1. OPR 6320
OPT. 6317

Course code OPT. 6317
Stage: Four 
Classroom: Math Hall 1.
No. of Students: 30

Course code OPR.6320

Stage: Two 
Classroom: Math Hall 2. 
No. of Students: 35

My Philosophy in Teaching

I believe that teaching could not be successful without a guiding philosophy. My philosophy in teaching focuses on helping my students to gain maximum benefit from their four-year study in the university. Moreover, I believe that my role in the teaching process is as facilitator while my students represent the center of the process. As a facilitator, I try to facilitate learning opportunities for learners. I also believe that creating an encouraging atmosphere in the class is one of my main responsibilities. I look at students as positive learners who need opportunities and guide to learn the needed skills and knowledge that assist them after graduation. They should mainly depend on themselves to learn and not to rely on their lecturers.

Since teaching is carried out within an institutional context, I believe that it is important that my teaching be in line with university’s mission and policy. To achieve this harmony, my teaching is flexible. I also welcome feedback from my students as well as from my colleagues with regard to my teaching methods. I believe that teaching as a process needs feedback and comments to further improve and advance.

My philosophy in teaching is that it is teacher’s responsibility to ensure that the quality and the quantity of the knowledge he/she departs are sufficient. Updating the information within my specialization is an important responsibility. So, I attempt to update the syllabus of my course every academic year. For this purpose, I follow new research in my field so I can make changes accordingly.